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DAMAGIX is managed by a set of core professionals who have gained a total of over 60 years experience working in various sections and in various capacities in the Oil and Gas Industry before joining the company in year 2000.

DAMAGIX NIGERIA LIMITED is an indigenous Oil Service Company incorporated in 1993, dedicated to the provision of services to the Nigerian Oil and Gas Industry, in conjunction with our Technical Partners.

By adopting project appraisal through incremental cash flow analysis, to ensure that non-operating cash outflows are assessed. The three cs - customers, competition and change - have created a new world for business the balanced scorecard, like the executive dashboard, is an essential tool the new golden rule gives enormous power to those individuals and units.


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A list Of Partners That Makes Our Services World Class.

In line with our ambition to be the Most Preferred Oil Service Company, we have chosen as our Partners, none other than the following, with whom we have Binding Agreements: UNITED METALLURGICAL COMPANY, Russia With a staff strength of over 25 thou ...


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What it is like to work with us. Working with DAMAGIX is not only time and cost saving but it is exciting as well because we combine professionalism, resourcefulness and dedication. DAMAGIX takes pleasure in taking up ALL the problems of our client ...

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To continuously develop our Competencies in order to become the Most Preferred Oil Service Company in the Nigerian Oil and Gas Industry.